Red Packet Design 02
Red packet illustration design / Year of Ox
For the year of Ox, Rising Formula is delighted to design a series of red packet for a local jewellery online shop, named DS Secret. This series contains three different designs of red packet and a red packet cover.
We designed three elegant women as the key visual to match with their target audience. All three women wearing different kind of DS Secret jewellery product, enhancing the brand identity more.
The art direction itself is strongly influenced by art deco, as it always associated with luxury and exquisite craftmanship, which also matches the brand identity. By adding traditional Chinese elements such as lanterns, koi fishes, cherry blossoms, makes a wonderful combination. Using warm and classy color palette brings out the fancy yet traditional vibes.
Three designs represent different age stages of women accompanying with three different blessings.
【秀外慧中】means gorgeous and intelligent.
【如花似玉】means delicate as a flower, refined as precious jade.
【尽善尽美】means the best of all possible worlds.
Designed by Rising Formula
Year 2021

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