Mural Painting 01
Mural illustration design /  Le Cha boba cafe 
【樂茶 Lecha】is a boba tea cafe in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Illustration design is based on the brand's logo, a young girl as the main character, and combine with some tea flavours element. 
The size of the first mural is 7.5m(W) x 3.3m(H).
The tea aroma surrounding the space, symbolizes Le Cha cafe is serving high quality boba tea, which is also creates a more soothing atmosphere for the dine in customers.

The second mural size is 4m(W) x 3.3m(H).
Every cup of boba tea originates from tea plantation, freshly picked tea leaves. Which symbolizes a Chinese idiom "Who know the dishes in the meal from a hard-journey".
Before & after.
Mural painting progress. Due to the lack of electricity, we prepare our own lighting equiptments. 
The whole mural progress took 10 days to complete. After the mural painting, only then Le Cha continue the interior renovations.
Designed by Rising Formula
Year 2018

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