Packaging Design 03
Packaging illustration design / Brand visual / Label Design
Sistonia Essential Oil is a Plant Therapy authorized reseller brand in Malaysia. Rising Formula Design Studio proceed with the elegant and simple design for the brand. Which makes the whole packaging easy to understand the ingredients contained and have a relaxing feeling.
The label for each of the essential oil scents are using the color of the ingredient, which we did some of the research and derived it from. The scent labels also contained scientific names of the ingredient, for a more presentable and professional visual. 
Instructions are crucial for healthcare products, which is why we apply it on the back of packaging, for it to be more obvious and more understanable.
The colour palette for Sistonia is earthy tone, to match the herb ingredients and calm feeling of the essential oil give us.
The sticker label will be on top of the ppackaging, working as a sealer as well. Which helps our client to save packaging cost yet delivered an effective and understanding design.
Designed by Rising Formula
Year 2021

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