Chen Pi Ye Ye is a traditional handmade tangerine peel paste, therefore the art style is more towards old Chinese lettering layout and using illustrated tangerine as elements.

The sticker design layout is clean which makes consumers easier to understand the ingredients and benefits of tangerine peel.
The aesthetic of the design is important but so are the information included.
The color palette is warm and earthy just like a glass of handmade tangerine peel juice. This certain color combination also gives a “retro” visual.
ChenPiYeYe also release a new product which is instant tangerine peel juice, so consumers can directly drink from the bottle.
To be consistent with the previous sticker design, tangerine illustration is being used as a pattern and the font of the product is the same as well.
To add a little personality to it, the ending of the sticker forms a water drop shape, which indicates “instant drinking”.
A shelf talker is also a need for selling product. The information inside are the benefits of handmade tangerine peel paste, which allows consumer to have a deeper understanding about the product.

Designed by Rising Formula Design Studio
Year 2021