Red packet or “ang pao” is a monetary gift which is given during Chinese New Year or special occasion such as weddings or birth of baby.
Rising Formula created a series of red packet design for the year of Mouse.
Using a mouse character wearing Chinese traditional clothes, interacting with traditional lion dance and dragon dance as good luck charm. 
The color red symbolizes good luck and is also symbol to ward off evil spirits, which is why warm color as the main design color palette.

We also designed a red packet cover for all five designs, the chinese writings in the back cover means “open here to unlock a new year”.
Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese New Year dance which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune.
Therefore, it is an iconic visual to include in ang pao.
Traditional Dragon Dance in Chinese culture means bringing good luck to people. The dragon is believed to possess great power, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. Therefore it is common to include dragon elements in red packet designs.
The bamboo design also contains a Chinese word play which 【步步高升】 means “rise steadily”,
often use in occupations or enhancing life quality. Therefore the little mouse is jogging up the stairs in this illustration.
Each design resembles a Chinese aupiscious wish, in this 【年年有余】means “may you have abundance year”.
Also contains a chinese word play which has a similar pronouns with “fish”, hence the fish visuals in this design.
In Chinese religion, God of Wealth “财神” is often invoked during Chinese New Year and often depicted in a red and yellow traditional clothings while holding a gold ingot. Therefore the traditional coins visual, meaning brings us wealth for the whole year.

Designed by Rising Formula Design Studio
Year 2020